DICOM Solutions

DICOM Solutions

At A-Myth Medical we offer immediate solutions, support, and service at an economical price.

Our PACS services include :

Ability to open different PACS Cd’s

Importing & Uploading x-rays from other physician offices

Discomfort data storage setups

Archiving Digital Images

Complete IT Support

And much more..

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Network Setups, Web-Design/Marketing

Network Setups, Web-Design/Marketing

A-Myth Professional Consulting Services brings with it versatility of services and products that have the ability to bring cost-effective solutions for your business. A-Myth Professionals assist our customers with variety of services.

We offer full setup and install of IT Services with Network wiring, computer setups and server connections.

A-Myth Offers the top most Professional and quality filled Services!!

We offer Services specific to your business needs including building website, and the most effective online social media marketing.

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High Definition – Digital Radiology Sensor Options

High Definition – Digital Radiology Sensor Options

Eliminate Cassettes – Eliminate “Wear and Tear” associated with CR Plates

Our new DR technology is a giant leap forward, bringing the future of digital imaging to your doorstep.


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