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Acquisition and Viewing Station for Ultrasound Machines


At a glance:

SonoPaxera, one of the Paxera family of products, is a powerful acquisition workstation for all types of ultrasound machines. SonoPaxera can handle all U/S modalities e.g. obstetrics/gynecology, color Doppler, echo cardiography, etc. With its superb image quality and rich features, SonoPaxera is the ideal solution for health workers who need to leverage their daily workflow.

  • Video capture with different supported formats.
  • No need for a separate monitor (uses the modality’s own monitor).
  • Support of multiple user accounts with different access rights.
  • All operations can be controlled using an infrared remote controller.
  • Patient appointment and reservation.
  • Flexible and customizable viewing formats.
  • Easily customizable color palettes.
  • Flexible and fully customizable search engine that enhances the doctor’s work-list construction.
  • Create custom search filters for repeated searching operations.
  • Video/image manipulation in runtime (zoom, pan and color management).
  • Image processing tools and filters (invert, rotate, resize, crop, emboss, etc.).
  • Cine loop recording of 25 frames/second.
  • Region of interest (ROI) processing and marking.
  • 3D image reconstruction.
  • Measurement tools.
  • Region of interest (ROI) processing and marking.
  • Many different annotation tools (arrows, lines, rectangles, etc.).
  • Customizable statistical chart reports with different chart elements (legend, shape, color, etc.) .
  • Voice note recording during and after the examination.
  • Reporting tool with automatic report generation.
  • Fully featured archiving capability that allows archiving of multiple patients at the same time.
  • Huge storage capacity that can hold hundreds of thousands of images.
  • Studies can be transferred to any DICOM-enabled machine for storage, printing or CD publishing.
  • Easily customizable and flexible visual film designer.
  • Films (with any layout) can be printed to all color Windows printers.
  • Teleradiology module.
  • Multi-lingual support.