Greyscale Medical Monitor

 NEC MultiSync® MD211G3

  • 21.3” high-resolution 3MP  grayscalemd211g3_ltport
  • LCD display ideal for medical imaging applications


  • NEC’s SA-SFT 3MP (1536 x 2048) liquid crystal technology offers long life at high brightness without
    compromising contrast or viewing angles, resulting in outstanding grayscale image quality
  • Digital uniformity correction reduces screen uniformity errors and compensates for differences in
    grayscale and luminance across the entire screen
  • Small, built-in front sensor constantly monitors calibration and corrects for fluctuations of light output,
    maintaining the factory calibration throughout the life of the monitor
  • DICOM calibrated out of the box to the grayscale display function for luminance
  • 15.5-bit gamma provides for more finely detailed, high-definition rendering of color images and crisper
    display of even the most delicate shadings
  • GammaCompMD™ QA software performs routine display configuration and ensures consistent image
    quality. QA Server provides computer networks with centralized control and management of multiple
    display systems.
  • FDA 510(k) cleared for use in digital radiology applications